Have a Heart

“Ya kinda don’t want to mess with heart issues,” she said. “Our patients realize the heart is an either/or proposition. They want it working right. Especially now.”

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Have a Heart


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2 responses to “Have a Heart

  1. jfrobb

    I’m right there with you step by step. Well done!
    Plus somewhat similar dilemma. Medical conditions that make me more vulnerable + unlike you that ‘old’ category. Feeling a need to be out there helping but tucked away in my third floor apartment of an old house.

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  2. Barbara Spaeth

    I totally enjoyed your article! A person who drops off eggs and other items at my house has a wonderful heart! I’ve been making masks. If you need a few I wouldn’t mind driving to Saratoga. It would be great to have a destination. I hope everything turns out ok with your tests.

    Take care!


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