Healing with Dolly Lama

A gift. Of a puppy. On my last day of work. Dolly’s arrival necessitates a swift and unanticipated change in my lifestyle. A change I resented, disrupting my plans to be fancy-free after a thirty-year career. But the night of her fall off a deck, only my hands can stop my puppy from whimpering and shaking. Only my hands can make her whole again. The same hands that once pushed her away out of frustration. 

Healing with Dolly Lama: Finding God in Dog is the story of how a golden retriever puppy becomes a muse for enhanced consciousness. Challenged yet inspired by this unwanted gift, I’m forced to examine the all-too-human incongruities between beliefs and actions; faith and doubt; letting go and holding on. Dolly Lama provides a laboratory for exploring my past and present; she awakens my spirituality, and gives me reason to become a believer in, and practitioner of, energy medicine.

As Carl Rogers told us, the most personal of our stories is the most universal. This real-life novel, featuring the antics of an irascible-yet-endearing puppy, offers readers authenticity and humor. They will find what they need in the life-affirming lessons about shifting perspectives that this furry, unwanted gift imparts.

The 23-chapter book is now available for purchase online and in select independent retail stores. For more information or to reserve a copy, email hwdollylama@gmail.com or visit the Purchase tab.