Her Wings Not Strong Enough

She hangs
Luminous melon-green wings

He set his trap
Her crime flying too close
Caught in the web
Of a foe she dwarfs

Helpless against his cunning
She gave up
Her wings not strong enough
Invisible threads stole her freedom

One would not guess
The spider could win
With a web more delicate
Yet more determined

A beautiful creature
Even in death
Did she succumb too soon
Unaware of her strength?

Her captor not present
To claim his prey
I cut her loose
Denying him reward



Filed under Journal Arts, They Live On

2 responses to “Her Wings Not Strong Enough

  1. barb1937

    Pat – Nice metaphor for Ford and Kavanaugh. But if you think of it only as luna moth and spider, I’ll bet you couldn’t tell the sex of either. The spider has to eat, too (and maybe take care of her eggs). If the moth was already dead, why take revenge on the spider?



  2. Hmmmm……Might rage over today’s appointment cause me to assign gender to victim and predator? As you pointed out, it’s a metaphor. .


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