From Ugly to Mean

My retrospective on a recent trip to Canada. I feel compelled to share it because it sheds light on how Americans may now be perceived by people in other countries. Click on the link below:


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4 responses to “From Ugly to Mean

  1. Barbara Spaeth

    Great article! We’re off to Canada in 10 days. I’m so embarrassed by our president that I’m a bit nervous about going. Barb

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  2. peace4soulfulworld

    Thank you for sharing your Journal story about your trip to Canada. When we were in New Zealand in 2016 and found out Trump won the electoral vote, I asked people how we could stay on NZ. I have a very close Canadian friend living in Toronto and I’ve asked her to adopt me. Canadians for as long as I can remember have been the kindest and most civilized group of people ever. Our country is going through a tantrum lead by an embarrassing bully. I have to remind myself that there really are good hearted US citizens working very hard to do the right thing – like you! Hugs and love



  3. peace4soulfulworld

    Oh, Tom’s daughter Kate has seen a decline in foreign tourists to the PTown area this year. I hear Orlando/ Kissimmee is not doing as well too.



  4. Wayne

    A great perspective!!! We have a roll of that toilet paper if you’re feeling the urge!!!


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