Still Dead

I write to understand the shock and aftermath of the presidential election…


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4 responses to “Still Dead

  1. amyfreinberg

    Thank you for sharing this. I’m filled with this same level of grief. I’m also fearful for my/my family’s safety.

    “Make the life you want. Be happy.”


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  2. colgatecat

    Hi Patty,

    Your writing does help me. I’m breathing through the disbelief and am now more horrified by the cast of people surrounding Trump.

    I keep listening to Leonard Cohen’s last CD.

    Still in search for healing,


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  3. Wayne

    I think chapter 2 will follow soon!!!

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  4. Karen Falandays

    Still dead AND our mothers are both rolling over in their graves this week. Aunt Bertha too.
    Your “They said it couldn’t happen” was very moving.
    Love you, cuz

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