Today, She Swam Again

Dolly swam this morning. Like many mornings this summer. In and out. Smiling as she wades in, wagging her tail until it’s submerged. Smiling as she runs out.

She doesn’t know it’s Labor Day, doesn’t realize the significance of the fireworks that scared her half to death last night. Doesn’t realize that summer is coming to an end. All she knows is that she went swimming.

She doesn’t know that it might be the last time she swims this season. That the cool evenings will give way to cool days. That too soon, the lake will be frozen once more.

Because she isn’t cursed with that knowing, Dolly suffers no melancholy. But she also isn’t blessed with knowing that she should savor every moment because it’s fleeting – and perhaps should linger a while longer in the cool waters of the mountain lake.

I’m both blessed and cursed with awareness that things change; life is ephemeral. Yet I still fought back my desire to swim in the dark blue water under the stars last night.

Tonight, maybe I’ll have another opportunity.

-Patricia A. Nugent, September 2016



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6 responses to “Today, She Swam Again

  1. Nancy T-H

    You are a gifted gem, my friend! Doesn’t this piece encompass all our feelings on this glorious, fleeting day. Just beautiful! Hey, when is our writer’s group this month? XXOXX Nancy T-H

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  2. Marie Jordan-Whitney

    You captured exactly the way I was feeling today. I have much to learn from Dolly! Beautifully written!

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  3. Swimming in the dark sacred night? Can’t imagine that. Love this essay

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  4. kmpelton

    I really love the way you write. So many times, I wish I were more like Dolly, but alas, no. I’m just like you. I hope you went for it the other night! Alike in life and heart, K

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  5. Bob Butts

    I never knew you had such a talent for writing Patty. You DO indeed have a gift there girl. I am looking forward to when that book comes out.


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