Anger on the Shore

White caps crash
Waves slam the sandy shore
Surf chases meandering feet
Back away, she roars
Back away

You’re angry, I say
And why not?
You offer bounty
And we dump plastic
Spill oil
Explode bombs
Poison creatures
Bring on your fever

Back away, she warns
Or I’ll melt my ice caps
Bust your levies
Flood your cities
Kill your food source
Deny you life

I’m angry too, I confess
My planet is being destroyed
My water, my air, my land
My life force

Back away, I roar
Corporate polluters
Military forces
Frackers and drillers
Back away
It’s my ocean too

White caps crash
Waves slam the sandy shore
Surf chases retreating feet
Is the ocean fighting back
Or just reflecting my own anger?

© Patricia A. Nugent
Earth Day 2016



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7 responses to “Anger on the Shore

  1. Marie Jordan-Whitney

    Love the metaphor of the ocean for conveying this important message.

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  2. barb1937

    This poem catches my mood, too.

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  3. Doris Gomez


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  4. Wayne A Hogan DC

    Nice… But can you add a scathing statement about the Chem-trail perpetrators?

    Sent from my iPhone… Please forgive the typos!


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  5. kmpelton

    Pat, this is one of my absolute favorites that you’ve written! I read it on Earth day . Just so powerful and well written. Thanks , Honey. Loving you always. Kath


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