Patricia A. Nugent: The End Times?

As published on the Vox Populi site this week…

Vox Populi

It wasn’t the wine that made me ask The Question; it was the conversation over dinner.

Since leaving my hometown close to 40 years ago, I rarely get to see these friends from high school.  Yet we seem to be able to pick up right where we left off. Never a lull in the conversation, always a memory or an update to share.

We had just watched a beautiful sunset over Lake Ontario while eating a rather hedonistic dinner. And we talked.

About Ukraine. Israel/Palestine. Cops shooting kids; kids shooting cops. Iraq. Plane crashes. ISIS. Climate change. Afghanistan. Putin. Ebola.

Suddenly The Question popped out of my mouth: Do you think we’re in the End Times?




I’m not even sure I believe in the End Times. At least not in the biblical sense. But I did grow up with a healthy fear of Armageddon, warned by nuns…

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