A Terrible Mistake

The recent loss of a dear friend – an elderly woman who I believed immortal – brings back the same feeling I had when my mother died…that it’s all a terrible mistake. I keep waiting for a call or a text from my friend…even though the memorial is this weekend.

Denial is the first stage of loss.  It works for awhile…


She can’t be dead. It’s not possible. I keep expecting her to show up, to put an end to all this nonsense about her being dead.

I keep thinking we’ll have another chance, that it’ll be like before. That I should save those clothes because she’ll need them when she returns.

It’s all just a terrible mistake. Come back, Mama. We’ll get everything all straightened out.

She can’t be dead. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Excerpt from They Live On: Saying Goodbye to Mom and Dad © 2010


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2 responses to “A Terrible Mistake

  1. Sarah Foulke

    Flash! Mana is not dead! Listen! Can’t you hear her wise words? Feel! Her hand on your arm! Look! At that incredible smile… Mana is with us always! Always her love flourishes among us.


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