She is Not Holy

She is not holy.
She laughs.
She is not holy.
She swears.
She is not holy.
She makes mistakes.
She is not holy.
She doubts.
She is not holy.
She worries.
She is not holy.
She is sensual.

Such contradictions exist in us all. Yet, I feel her grace when I am in her presence. She emanates goodness and great compassion for all those around her, extending even to inanimate objects. While she struggles with her own humanity, she openly embraces ours.

She is human – and oh, so very holy.


In memory of Mana Behan, my friend and yoga instructor, with deep reverence.



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5 responses to “She is Not Holy

  1. I did not know Mana well or for very long, but am saddened by her loss. She had a piercing ability to touch the core of another person. It was impossible not to feel her kindness, her generosity, her extraordinary humanity. She will be missed.


  2. This is an incredible tribute and it made me wail all over again. It personifies Mana. She was the shining example of what a spirit having a human experience can strive to be. I am bereft, I am at a loss and I am graced to have known her all these years. I will miss her for the rest of my days. I will take her words and integrate them so I may be a kernel in the vast ocean of her wisdom.


  3. Jan Perrotta

    This captures Mana perfectly! She made us laugh so many times and she also inspired serious reflection. I want to thank Mana’s family for sharing her with the rest of us! She offered me strength and peace when my mom passed and I will always be grateful to her. Mana was my first yoga teacher almost 14 years ago and I fell in love with yoga immediately. I always walked a little taller and loved myself a little more after spending time with her. Her spirit will be with me always!


  4. Rick Hasenauer

    Mana was refreshingly direct…once in a yoga class after providing direction to the class about the next position, she stated, “if this sucks for you, don’t do it”…it brings a smile to my face to recall her mild appearance and her sassy demeanor.


  5. Dear Pat –

    Thank you for creating this beautiful
    space where others may join you in
    grieving the loss of our beloved Mana.

    The sad news of Mana’s passing was
    such a shock that I initially feared her
    light might also have left this world at
    the time her spirit was lifted from her
    earthly shell.

    But thanks to you and others who have
    shared from deep within their hearts
    and souls, I am now convinced that
    Mana’s radiant and healing light will
    continue to shine brightly through all
    of those she touched on this planet.

    As per the link below that leads to a
    book chapter I penned a year ago, I’m
    forever grateful for every moment I spent
    in Mana’s life transforming presence
    at One Roof in Saratoga Springs.

    With heartfelt condolences,

    xxx ooo xxx

    Ann Hauprich


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