Choose Peace

The meeting was over. Mark stood up and said, “I like your sign,” pointing behind me. I turned around to see the CHOOSE PEACE poster that I had picked up at a peace vigil.

I was surprised by Mark’s comment, surprised that he would resonate with that sentiment, as he didn’t seem “the type.” Because I so often face ridicule for my anti-war ​stance​, I said nothing​, waiting for the “But……”

“I’ve got a son in Iraq,” he continued softly. “And another whose unit is being reactivated. I’m all for peace.”

“So am I,” I responded. “I​’ll  keep working for peace to keep your sons safe.”

“Thank you,” said Mark, as he left my office. “Please do.”

​     Mark unexpectedly died a few years later. I sent this story to his widow, hoping his sons had survived to read it also.  ​

©Patricia Nugent


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May 24, 2014 · 12:59 am

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